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Ready to Work

Enhance your CV, LinkedIn, and networking skills with our new workshop!

The Ready To Work program

Ready to Work is a free 4-course online program for jobseekers in Sweden who are looking to launch their careers here.  

Each course is a 90-minute interactive session led by an award-winning recruiter. You’ll learn the most effective ways to write your CV, build a strong network, connect with other jobseekers, and practice job interviews!


In addition to these online meetings, IBM SkillsBuild is an integral part of the program. The platform offers you a range of free courses to upskill in the areas of IT and workplace skills. If you’ve completed a specific activity on IBM SkillsBuild, you’ll also get access to 6 months of free Udemy courses once the Ready to Work program starts!

Click on the button to register below and get Ready to Work in Sweden!

By registering for Ready to Work, you agree to pass your name, surname, and email address to IBM SkillsBuild and receive an invitation to join the IBM SkillsBuild platform.

Want free access to Udemy?

It's easy! Just complete these steps to get free access to Udemy for 6 months.

  1. Click the "Get access to Udemy" button below to sign up for or log in to IBM SkillsBuild.

  2. Fill in the form linked in the Udemy Registration activity.

  3. Click "Mark complete" in the activity on IBM SkillsBuild. 

Due to the high volume of registrants, we will only be able to activate your free Udemy license at the end of each month. You will receive an email from us with details on how to access your free courses.

And please note that Udemy access is only for learners who are not associated with any other organization on SkillsBuild.

Click here if you need assistance, or to learn more.

Next session:
April 29–May 2, 13:00–14:30


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