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Supporting accompanying partners in Sweden

Partner Support Program


The key to retaining your international talent:

Start supporting their spouse or partner during relocation.


Prioritize the wellbeing of relocating partners

Talent retention isn’t just about your international employees, but the families they bring with them, too. 71% of employers name an unhappy, unintegrated partner in the host location as the main reason why an assignment failed. The accompanying partner's happiness and career prospects are also among the main concerns in the decision of whether to accept a position abroad.*


The New to Sweden team knows first-hand how tough it can be to accompany an employed partner to a new country — which is why we created the Partner Support Program to help accompanying partners get the support they need to adjust to life here in Sweden.

Hire internationally. Longterm. Successfully.

Commit to the Partner Support Program and start supporting relocating partners now.

Moving to Sweden with a partner

*Relocating Partner Survey Report by Ernst & Young, 2018 

(3 500 respondents from 81 nationalities located in 121 countries)


Swedish companies

As a Sweden-based company looking to hire international talent, the Partner Support Program is for you if ...

Your potential employee is hesitant to move to Sweden.

Employers confirm that the #1 reason for employees not accepting an international assignment is the potential disruption to the career of their relocating partner.*



You want to keep your new hire in Sweden longterm.

71% of employers name an unhappy, unintegrated partner in the host location as the main reason why an assignment failed.*


You want to strengthen your international employer brand.

Offering and communicating partner support is key to being perceived as an "employer of choice". 90% of international companies already offer some form of partner support.*


Internationals moving to Sweden with a partner

Ask your new company to enter the program if you want to take on a position in Sweden, but...

You're worried about the potential disruption of your partner's career.

Finding work in Sweden as an international can be challenging. The Partner Support Program provides guidance and support with the job search, upskilling, and wellbeing.

You're worried about your partner's happiness in a new culture.

Integrating can be particularly difficult for an accompanying partner. Language training helps with understanding the Swedish culture and interacting with it.

You're worried about your partner not finding a new social circle.

Without work colleagues the need for new social contacts is particularly high. That's why the Partner Support Program matches accompanying partners with a Swedish buddy.

Join the Partner Support Program today!

New to Sweden offers employers a retention tool to avoid additional costs due to failed assignments, by providing employee partners guidance and support on how to successfully navigate the Swedish job market.


partner support program team

The Partner Support Program helps the accompanying partner to:

Kick-start their career in Sweden with:

  • A multi-course program on how to find work in Sweden

  • Six months of access to upskilling programs like Udemy

  • Seven group drop-in sessions to discuss the job search and wellbeing

  • Optional 1-1 coaching sessions with a job coach or wellbeing specialist


Understand and interact with their surroundings with:

  • 30 hours of Swedish language learning in dedicated small groups


Make new Swedish friends and learn about the culture with:

  • A match with a Swedish buddy to participate in cross-cultural social events


This program is a unique collaboration between New to Sweden, the Swedish language learning service SweTeach, and the national buddy organization Kompis Sverige.

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One stop shop to a Swedish market

Practical guidance to succeed in the Swedish job market, based on curriculum previously taught at the University of Stockholm and the Region of Stockholm’s Sfx program.

Available online throughout Sweden

For the core program, it doesn’t matter where in Sweden or in the world the participant lives, since we are available for you online. The buddy matching program by Kompis Sverige is currently available in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

We create a supportive community

We are a community of international professionals who will provide you with guidance during your job search, while supporting your mental wellbeing.

New to Sweden creates a community


partner avatar

"Your program helped me bridge the knowledge gap and get a job (twice!). Not only is the program value-packed, but the sessions are also a source of energy and inspiration."

- Margo

Choose the Partner Support Program now!

Start enhancing the relocation experience for your employees and their partners!



Employers contact us to receive more information.


Employers choose a package from the program plus additional modules.


We form a group of up to 20 participants.


Each group gets their own group facilitator.


Our groups learn, talk and communicate for up to six months.


Partners get a clear understanding of the Swedish job market and practical tools for their job search.

  • What's the Partner Support Program?
    The Partner Support Program is a talent retention tool for employers in Sweden offered by the non-profit organization New to Sweden. Swedish companies can book the Partner Support Program for the accompanying partners of their new international employees. The program helps these partners with their job search and prioritizes their well-being in Sweden.
  • Who can book the Partner Support Program for an accompanying partner?
    A Swedish employer hiring an international employee for a position in Sweden can book the Partner Support Program for that employee's partner.
  • How can my partner get access to the Partner Support Program?
    If you think your partner could benefit from the Partner Support Program, mention the program to your new employer and ask if they would be willing to support your partner. We're happy to provide more information and help your employer choose the right package.
  • What does booking the Partner Support Program cost?
    The price of booking the Partner Support Program depends on the package and modules that are being selected. We're happy to provide the details upon request.
  • Why should Swedish companies book the Partner Support Program?
    Sweden-based companies looking to hire international talent should book the Partner Support Program if their potential employee is hesitant to move to Sweden, or if they want to keep their new hire in Sweden long-term. Offering the Partner Support Program also helps to strengthen their international employer brand.
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