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We moderated DE&I sessions for over 25 employers in 2021! Our presentation partners include Google, Nordea, Stockholm University, the University of Gothenburg and many more. Would you like to be a pro-diversity partner too?

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We believe that integration works as a two-way street. As a bridge between newcomers and employers, we help newcomers strengthen their job profiles while guiding employers with their inclusion programs. Our goal is to help improve representation at all levels of the labour market. Representation across all levels of the labour market will help improve productivity and innovation while also reducing discrimination and inequality.


Whether you are an employer looking to improve on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies or a newcomer looking for work in Sweden, we’ve got you covered. With New to Sweden, we offer programs that can help you move forward.

We have several initiatives designed to help employers of all sizes achieve their DE&I goals. Together with our experts, we’ll discover innovative solutions to increase and retain the diversity within your team. We are offering D&I training workshops; equipping individuals with skills to provide guidance to their colleagues on how they can foster a more inclusive environment

For Employers

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For Newcomers

Are you new to Sweden and are looking for jobs in Sweden for foreigners? Or perhaps you have been here for a while and need guidance on how to accelerate your career in Sweden? We can help you with our free online webinars and tips shared on our social media channels.



Sweden is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. It has a strong economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. With such a high level of employment, it is no surprise that their economy is booming and there’s always a need for professionals in the Swedish market. Are you new to Sweden and looking for jobs in Sweden for foreigners? There are many jobs in Sweden for foreigners, but these positions are often hard to find because they are not well-advertised.

It's difficult to get a Swedish job because there are language barriers, cultural differences, and other factors. We will help you refine your CV so that you can stand out from the crowd and land a coveted Swedish job! Even when you have good qualifications, it won't be enough to get a job in Sweden. We, at New to Sweden, will help you refine your CV so that you can stand out from the crowd and land a coveted Swedish job!

The reality is that nowadays, you need more than just qualifications for getting hired, you need social skills and confidence too. And while nobody can give you these two things, we can help you build your skills in them with our free online webinars.



"This was an extremely necessary and impactful presentation. It highlights data you just can't ignore and offers simple and powerful suggestions"


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