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Whether you’re looking for your first job or trying to further your career in Sweden, check out our free programs to help guide you through.

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Ready to Work is a free 4-course online program for jobseekers in Sweden who are looking to launch their careers here.  

Each course is a 90-minute interactive session led by an award-winning recruiter. You’ll learn the most effective ways to write your CV, build a strong network, connect with other jobseekers, and practice job interviews!


In addition to these online meetings, IBM SkillsBuild is an integral part of the program. The platform offers you a range of free courses to upskill in the areas of IT and workplace skills. If you’ve completed a specific activity on IBM SkillsBuild, you’ll also get access to 6 months of free Udemy courses once the Ready to Work program starts!

Click on the button to register below and get Ready to Work in Sweden!

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NEW: Partner Support Program

Moving to a new country for a job can be tough for the accompanying partner. This is why we've created the Partner Support Program.


Ask your new company to enter the program if you want to take on a position in Sweden, but you're worried about:

  • the potential disruption of your partner's career.

  • your partner's happiness in a new culture.

  • your partner not finding a new social circle.

The Partner Support Program helps accompanying partners get the support they need to adjust to life in Sweden.



Do you need help with your CV or are you looking for a mentor? Don't worry we've got you covered!

Explore a wide range of resources to guide you find a job in Sweden, organizations that provide mentorship and internship programs and opportunities to network with established Swedes. 

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If you have been in Sweden for a while, you may have heard and participated in some of Sweden's most celebrated festivals or customs!

But, have you ever wondered how did it all come into existence?  

From Midsummer to Påsk discover Sweden's century old traditions to modern day Fika.


Looking for the right language coaches in Sweden?

We've covered a bunch of organizations and resources for you who can help you elevate your language skills and boost your confidence in Swedish language. 

And guess what? We've covered resources for all levels!  

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