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Our Ready to Hire program offers a variety of ground-up solutions based on research and years of hands-on experience. Whether you are looking to launch a brand new program or are looking for a sparring partner, we're here to help!



Diversity Awareness Discussion

New to Sweden’s impactful conversation starter. An in-depth, data-based look at the current state of diversity in Sweden, coupled with emotional stories on what it’s like to live as part of an underrepresented group.

(Available in Swedish and English)

Inclusive Leadership Course

Our recommended second step.

Intimate training sessions with your leaders where we explore topics around DEIB and intercultural communication. These include:


  • Cultural Awareness: understanding and recognizing the impact of culture on thinking and behavior.

  • Perception, bias, and exclusion: learning how to counteract unintentional exclusion.

  • Sense of belonging: discussing diversity management, from building trust and a sense of belonging to nurturing engagement and psychological safety.

    (Available in Swedish and English)

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Talent Attraction & Talent Retention Workshops

Customized workshops that explore how to attract and retain international talent here in Sweden.


Together, we cover best practices for:

  • Employer branding

  • Talent acquisition

  • Onboarding

  • Engagement

  • Learning & development

  • Pay & progression

  • Retention


(Available in Swedish and English)

Antiracism Workshops

An inviting and interactive 75-minute workshop addressing the topic of racism in modern Sweden. 


We open by discussing contemporary Swedish perspectives on racism. Then, we examine how racism impacts communication and judgments made towards people from other groups.


The session combines audience interactions with exercises and case studies that illustrate potential unconscious bias, prejudice, and exclusion — and help us drive towards productive solutions.

(Available in Swedish and English) 

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Group Hug

NEW: Partner Support Program

Talent retention isn’t just about your international employees, but the families they bring with them, too. An unhappy, unintegrated partner in the host location is the number one reason why an assignment fails or isn't accepted.

The Partner Support Program is a talent retention tool for employers in Sweden. It enables successful international assignments by helping accompanying partners get the support they need to adjust to life in Sweden.


Hire internationally. Longterm. Successfully.


Our team will guide you all the way from co-creating your diversity strategy to leading education and training for your employees.

Arjan Verdooren
Intercultural Communication Specialist
Arjan has led workshops on unconscious bias and DEIB trainings in the private and public sectors for 10+ years. He taught intercultural communication at Gothenburg University and is the author of the DEIB book Diversity Competence: Cultures Don’t Meet, People Do.
Brandon Sekitto
Intercultural Communication Specialist
Brandon helps organizations bring multicultural perspectives into their operations for more equal and effective group dynamics. He sits on the jury for Sweden’s Diversity Index Award as well as Allbrightpriset, which recognizes listed Swedish companies for their DEIB work.
Greg Fernando
Founder of New To Sweden
Greg is a former job coach and award-winning tech recruiter. As a recent immigrant to Sweden with a background in HR and talent acquisition, he bridges the gap between Swedish employers and international talent. He also co-founded the national 1046 inclusion campaign.



"New To Sweden's discussion on diversity give us all a theoretical punch in the stomach, a presentation well backed up by research and data"


Head of People, Alva Labs

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