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We offer a variety of ground-up solutions based on research and years of hands-on experience. Whether you are looking to launch a brand new program or are looking for a sparring partner, we're here to help!


Diversity Awareness Discussion

New to Sweden’s impactful conversation starter. You’ll get an in-depth and data-based look at the current state of diversity in Sweden, coupled with emotional stories on what it’s like to live as a minority. A widely well-received presentation delivered to companies like Google, SEB, Nordea and Tele2, you don’t want to miss this.

(Available in Swedish and English)


Creating Change Workshop

Our second step. Your audience is now familiar with the data, and is motivated to create change. We’ll discuss allyship, the impact of subconscious bias and other behaviours, and empower your team to create long-lasting change at your organization.

(Available in Swedish and English)

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Inclusivity Sessions

In smaller groups, we'll explore topics surrounding DE&I in intimate training sessions with your employees including:


  • Cultural Awareness: Understanding and recognizing the impact of culture on thinking and behavior.

  • Perception, bias, and exclusion: Learning how to counteract unintentional exclusion.

  • Diversity and Identity: Discussing diversity management, from building trust and a sense of belonging to nurturing creativity and flexibility.

    (Available in English)

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Racial Equity Workshops

New to Sweden offers four distinct workshops when it comes to the topic of racism in Sweden. Together, we’ll explore the 4 types of racism, discuss historical context, deepen our understanding of implicit bias and racialized microaggressions, and how to practice interrupting them. 

(Available in English) 


Our team will guide you all the way from co-creating your diversity strategy to leading education and training for your employees.

Brandon Sekitto
Intercultural Communication Consultant
Brandon sits on the jury for the Swedish Diversity Index award, and is also on the jury for the Allbright Prize, which awards listed companies for their work in diversity and inclusion here in Sweden.  Part of the steering committee that created ‘Vidga Normen i pratiken’ for Länsstyrelsen i Stockholm, Brandon now leads our Swedish language workshops.

Arjan Verdooren
Intercultural Communication Consultant
Arjan has provided DE&I workshops, training programs and consultancy in private and public sectors for over 10 years. He is also the author of DE&I book ‘Diversity Competence: Cultures Don’t Meet, People Do’.

Arjan co-facilitates New to Sweden's Diversity Awareness Discussion and leads our Intercultural Inclusivity Sessions.

Greg Fernando
Founder of New To Sweden
A recent immigrant to Sweden, Greg founded  the non-profit organization New to Sweden to help build better integration solutions for newcomers and Swedish employers.

With a background in HR and talent acquisition, Greg assists the New to Sweden DEI research team and helps facilitate the Diversity Awareness workshop.

Marlon Brown
Racial Equity Specialist
Marlon brings over 10 years of racial equity and social justice experience, focusing on leadership coaching and organizational development. A specialist within facilitation, training, racial caucusing, and policy implementation, Marlon has created and advised equity committee/teams and developed anti-racist curriculum.

Together with Fran Partridge, Marlon co-facilitates New to Sweden's Racial Equity workshops.

Fran Partridge
Racial Equity Specialist
Fran brings 20 years of racial equity training experience, having facilitated and co-designed over 300 professional development sessions focused on implicit bias, racial identity, micro-aggressions, and culturally responsive instruction. 

Fran holds a Master's degree in Educational Policy & Administration and co-facilitates our Racial Equity workshops together with Marlon Brown.

"New To Sweden's discussion on diversity give us all a theoretical punch in the stomach, a presentation well backed up by research and data"


Head of People, Alva Labs


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