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Job Search Checklists!

Enhance your CV, LinkedIn and Networking skills with our guided checklists!





Profile Picture

Does your profile picture come across as professional and friendly?

Background Picture

Are you using your background picture to your advantage? Is it showcasing Sweden? Or perhaps your chosen career?

Profile Picture

Does your profile picture come across as professional and friendly?

Job Title

Do you have an appropriate job title listed right under your name? Does it relate to what you want to do?

Contact Information

Do you have your LinkedIn profile listed?

Elevator Pitch

Do you have your professional highlights/accomplishments clearly explained at the top of your CV?


Is your CV 2 pages or less?


Is your headline short and directly shows what you do, or what you’re looking to do?


Does your About section attract attention, describes your motivations, and addresses some of your key accomplishments?

Endorsements & Recommendations

Do you have any recommendations or endorsements from a previous employer? If not, try to see if you can get one. It helps! :)

BONUS: Get a direct URL, it will make it easier to network!

Ask us for more details! :)


Act natural!

Try to relax and remember that you have time to chat, the introduction describing who you are can come later :)

Introduce Yourself

When you introduce yourself, can you summarize yourself in just a couple of sentences?

Learn About them

Make sure to learn about you who you are talking to! Networking is a conversation, make sure to give them time to speak too.

LinkedIn is your friend!

If you’re short on time, connect via LinkedIn. You can always continue your conversation later!

If you don’t feel comfortable directly messaging someone, remember to spend some time connecting to people in HR or in your field, and just liking or commenting on their posts. That little friendliness will go a long way when you might need some help!

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